Big Lies

Big Lies

Propaganda and spin have always been a part of politics on both sides of the aisle. But over the last few years an old tactic has re-emerged in mainstream politics, where claims with no supporting evidence are promoted via social media and television news outlets.

The most prominent example is "The Big Lie", adopted by some conservative candidates and sources, that claims that the 2020 election was rigged and/or stolen via dead presidents, fake ballots, and rigged voting machines. Other examples include Qanon, pizza parlor pedophiles, and even that the earth is flat. And no amount of evidence to the contrary will dissuade true believers. 

So why is there such a large investment in promoting these ideas? The answer is either power, money, or both. Social media influencers, politicians and news personalities can make enormous profits on sensationalism and conspiracy theories. And history shows us that big lies can mobilize large segments of the population to action, as proven by the January 6th riot.

This shirt is a call to citizens to stop supporting outlets that peddle fiction for power or profit, and to question those who do. Wear this shirt, start a conversation, make a difference.

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