I Love History and Science

I Love History and Science

History is our past. If we know our history it can help us navigate the present. We can see what worked and what didn't. Who was right and who was wrong. Sometimes our history is ugly and shows us how badly we can fail on our path to a more perfect union. Sometimes it can be inspiring and show us how the world was changed for the better. 

Science determines our future. Science can help us understand and solve new challenges, and remove bias and self-interest from decision making. The scientific process is open, democratic, and self-correcting. Hypotheses are tested against the real world and their truth is demonstrable. 

Today both history and science are under attack. Politicians fuel culture wars with manufactured outrage over critical race theory or monuments to confederate seditionists. Vested interests fund organizations to challenge science based solutions to climate change or health care and defend their investments in the status quo.

The elimination of the fairness doctrine provided a platform for this disinformation and propaganda to be delivered in primetime, disguised as "News" or over social media platforms where conspiracy and outrage can be monetized. The earth is flat, windmills cause cancer, vaccines have tracking chips, the election was stolen, news is fake, Qanon is real. With an endless buffet of of alternate facts there is no truth but your own. 

This shirt is a statement of support for knowledge of history and science based decision making. 

Wear this shirt. Start a conversation. Make a difference.


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